New Government Fees on visas and other procedures.

Today, November 8th, 2018 in the Official Register under number 363 the new rates (government fee) that will apply on visas and other procedures have been published.

For countries that require a visa to enter Ecuador, the new fee is $ 400.00

Tourism visa extension $400

Temporary Residency Visas:

Religious or Volunteer $200 plus $50 application fee.

The following Temporary Residency Visas: Pensioner, Investment, Worker, Academic, Athlete, Artist, Professional, remain without changes ($400 Plus $50 application fee)

Permanent Residency Visa remains the same as well, ($500 plus $50 application fee)

Transfer Visa $50

Mercosur Visa  $200.00

Citizenship $750 + $50 application fee (remains without changes)

The biggest change is the price reduction on Volunteer Visa and the considerable increase in the extension for tourist visa.

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