Why are Americans retiring to Ecuador?

UZ Asesores Ecuador helping expats living in Cuenca

Years ago we started to see more and more Americans retiring in Ecuador, specially in cities like Cuenca, now it’s not a secret that they are a big part of our community and they are here to stay.

The reasons are very simple:

COST OF LIVING: Easy, you can get more stuff out of 10$ in Ecuador than in the US, besides the fact that the Ecuadorian currency is the American dollar, all of this combine make it perfect for our American fellas retiring in Ecuador.

WEATHER: Ecuador is the only place in the planet where you can get breakfast by the jungle, lunch by the mountains and dinner by the beach all in the same day. That is how diverse our climate is. So if you decide to move to Ecuador you have multiple options.

SAFETY: Ecuador is a safe country, specially cities like Cuenca. Ecuadorians are known because we are warm and gentle people.

QUALITY OF WATER: Cuenca has one of the best drinking waters in the planet. And this is a fact. https://www.expatexchange.com/expatguide/202/3371593/Ecuador/Expats-Living-in-Ecuador/Drinking-water-in-Cuenca

A MORE ORGANIC LIFESTYLE: A big difference between the US and Ecuador is the cost of healthy food. Contrary to the US in Ecuador is cheaper to buy organic food and products. Americans retiring in Ecuador have the option to be healthy.

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