Types Of Visas

There are many different ways to enter and/or reside in Ecuador with a temporary or permanent Visa.  It is always best to consult with a lawyer before starting any Visa process.  Our attorneys in Cuenca, Quito, Guayquil, Manta and the United States can help you determine the best Visa approach for your circumstances. In general, the  easiest approaches are:

  • Tourist visas for countries that do not require a visa to enter Ecuador, must enter Ecuador with an international health insurance for the time their stay in Ecuador.
  • Citizens of the following countries are subject to a special regime: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Senegal and Cuba, they  must obtain a tourist visa at the Consulate of Ecuador in their country. They must also obtain an international health insurance.
  • If the foreigner wishes to stay longer in Ecuador as a Tourist, he can apply a stay for a maximum term of up to one year as a Tourist. The foreigner must justify the legal means of subsistence that allow him to stay in the country, paying a fee, an amount  that will be known when the Regulation of the Law is issued within the next 120 days. This type of visa will be requested once only once every 5 years.

Foreigners covered by  Tourist Visas, may not engage in any other activity than that of a tourist.

Temporary Resident Visa:

The new Law provides that a foreigner can establish with the Temporary Resident Visa for a period of 2 years, being able to renew for a single time, having to fulfil each and every one of the requirements for each type of visa. This visa is a requirement to apply the Permanent Resident Visa. Once the foreigner has obtained this temporary residence visa, the foreigner must join the IESS or a private health insurance. These visas are:

  • WORKER: under dependency relationship be it in a private or public company.
  • RENTIST: who has his own resources from income from sources abroad or any legal income from foreign sources or other source in Ecuador
  • RETIRED, a foreigner who has an income as a retired
  • INVESTOR: those who have assets and economic resources to carry out productive or commercial activities.
  • SCIENTIFIC: Researcher or Academic hired by public or private entities,
  • SPORTSMAN, ARTIST, and CULTURAL MANAGER: who is hired by natural or legal persons to develop these activities
  • RELIGIOUS OR VOLUNTARY RELIGIOUS: of an organization recognized in Ecuador and that will be dedicated to this activity.
  • VOLUNTEER: who individually or with the support of a non-profit organization, provide services (will be regulated by the law)
  • STUDENT: anyone who wants to attend: basic, secondary, undergraduate or postgraduate education, that regularly attends the public or private educational institution officially recognized in Ecuador. Also for pre-professional or professional practices (will be regulated by the Law)
  • PROFESSIONAL, TECHNICAL, and TECHNOLOGICAL OR CRAFTSMAN: may exercise a profession or technical, technical or craft activity, subject to the rules and laws of each subject (Senescyt Title Registration)
  • RESIDENT BY CONVENTION: under the protection of immigration status determined in an international instrument of which Ecuador is a party.
  • PEOPLE SPONSORED BY THE PRINCIPAL: Children and spouses or couples in common law.

Visas Of Permanent Resident

The requirements to opt for a Permanent Resident Visa must be at least 21 months in the status of a Temporary Resident based on the types of detailed temporary resident visas.

By marriage or by common law with an Ecuadorian person.

Visa of dependent for being a minor or person with disability that depends on an Ecuadorian person or a foreigner who has permanent residence.

Be related to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity of an Ecuadorian citizen or a foreigner with permanent resident in Ecuador.

In short, all foreigners must have health insurance from Social Security or Private insurance.

The insurance we help you get in Ecuador and send it abroad so that you can enter the country.

Foreigners with permanent residence may be absent from the country  for a maximum of 180 days in the first year and 180 days in the second year, in case of exceeding that time, will pay a fine of 4 basic salaries, to the year 2017  which is $ 1,500.00.

The fees to apply for the extension tourist visa for 90 days is $150.

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