Healthcare in Ecuador!!!

Ecuador is one among the six countries that obtained the best ratings in the category of Best Healthcare in the World in the Annual Global Retirement Index this year. Medical care is one of the most important factors that expats consider while moving abroad. One of the greatest advantage for foreigners living in Ecuador is

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New Special Visa

If you are an Investor, Business, Legal or Commercial Representative, Attorney in Fact, or Company the Ecuadorean Government has enacted a new law making it easier to enter and remain in Ecuador. As long as you are willing to invest and produce here, you and your family may be granted a special two (2) year

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You can now apply for dependent visa – under marriage -again!

After a long legal battle and disputes with the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the legal firm of Ulloa & Zamora has shown with proof that registration of marriage of foreigners in Ecuador is not necessary. Therefore, their refusal to accept the application for dependence Visa under marriage is unconstitutional thus since October

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Prenuptial Agreements in Ecuador

Just like in many other counties, the legal presumption here is that marital property should be equally divide between the parties upon dissolution of the marriage. However, you can have prenuptial agreements and even a form of post nuptial agreements in Ecuador. The Ecuadorean Civil Code, Art. 150 identifies these agreement as «Capitulaciones Matrimoniales». This

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