Ecuador, a lifetime opportunity after COVID

Ecuador, A Lifetime Opportunity after COVID

The whole world was hit by COVID-19 and received a sample that one’s life must change; the pandemic showed us that there is no money that could buy us peace, health, or life.

We wear ourselves out in vain, in the pursuit of economic gain, but there is no money that could buy us air- a natural element already difficult to find in larger cities- I even more so in metropolitan ones.

The world showed us that economic power does not guarantee health in times of pandemic, it does not guarantee air. It showed us nature’s claim so that we treat it well and recognize it as a pillar of our lives after God.

With all these lessons you’re surely looking for a place where you can find clean air, healthy water, peace, friendly people, a place to return to your family.

Ecuador, A Lifetime Opportunity, a small country, with many virgin natural spaces, with a lot of nature, healthy organic food, low cost, might be the chance of a lifetime. 

Are you reflecting on this article? About a place where you can find pure air and surround by nature? ECUADOR is your option, CUENCA, and its surroundings, LOJA, LA AMAZONIA. There are so many places that this small country- full of friendly people, has to offer.

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